“Dr. Croley has done an exceptional job of exploring how we are “wonderfully and fearfully” made. Combining his extensive medical knowledge with some of his latest research on neurological and anatomical functioning, and integrating this information with Scripture and Orthodox Christian doctrine, he makes a compelling case for understanding how a God-centered paradigm is completely consistent and congruent with living life to the fullest.”

Alfred Barrow


“Slow down, be still, and let this book guide you to a better place. Look for it to help change everything from what and how you think to what you eat. Dr. Jim Croley provides us a special salve for the brain and points us to the truth…believing really is seeing.”

Chuck Wolfe

Retired USAF Colonel

“If you are looking for a book that can seriously change your relationship with God for the better, you are holding it in your hands.”

John McWilliams